Aerospace Engineering

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“The sky is not the limit, it’s just the beginning “Do you have what it takes to become an aerospace engineer? Like all other engineers, aerospace engineers need a strong background in science and mathematics. They have to give a lot of thought to the materials used in “flying machines” so that they aren’t too heavy, can travel at fast speeds, and are safe. They also need to decide how the machines will be shaped, controlled, and powered. It is a known that naturally kids are born inventors. They love exploring, experimenting, and creating different things from paper plane launchers to paper rockets. Kids are going to explore the forces such as gravity and the whole world around them. Aerospace engineering projects boosts young kids’ ability to make use of their brains hence it enhances problem-solving, enables them to ask questions, and creates an avenue for budding aerospace engineers to show off their abilities. Aerospace engineering projects give kids the opportunity to come out with new ideas and create thing.

Course Objectives

  • Kids will understand the concept of the flying mechanism
  • Perceive the concepts behind the origin of scientific terms of ‘Force’
  • Discover the mechanism of planes, blimp, rockets, parachute and Helicopter.
  • Assemble the tools needed for the applications of the topics considered.


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