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Course description:

Using the skills you gained from level1 we will discover more interesting topics in the Arduino world. We will learn how to use Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) to write texts and numbers. LCD is an amazing device used in many projects in different categories. We will write a code for a complete digital clock and add some features to adjust the clock with some press buttons. We will learn the concept of debouncing buttons. Adding more and more features to our digital clock we can also create an alarm you can set, clear and edit easily.

We will also discover how keypads work and the different types of keypads. We will use the keypad to create amazing projects like calculators and complete security systems. You can create a password for your home. So only authorized users can use your system to access the home by typing the password and the system we designed will compare both passwords the user input and the saved pass and take a decision to open the door or raise an alarm.  

Course Objectives:

  • Learn how LCD works
  • Be able to write characters and numbers on LCD display
  • Learn how to build a complete digital clock system
  • Learn how to use Keypad
  • Learn how to build a complete door lock system with password.
  • Learn the concept of debouncing switches.
  • Practice more Arduino tips and tricks


  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • Keypad
  • Digital clock
  • Debouncing 
  • Door Lock

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