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We are at the dawn of a new age. The age of AI. Artificial Intelligence is invading the world like never before, and its evolving everyday reaching much higher grounds than we ever expected. But what is Artificial Intelligence really? Is it like what we see in movies? Is it only related to robotics? For the first time in the Middle East. A dedicated course to teach children the concepts of AI and how to integrate them with programming. Discover the future of mankind and learn all you need to know about Artificial Intelligence, how do AI machines work, how to program an AI machine, and the most popular AI concepts and terms through our unique programming and AI course!
thanks to Microsoft cognitive services we can do a lot of AI concepts like face recognition, emotions recognition, text to speech, speech recognizer and video sensing.


By the end of the course student will be able to:

  • Write codes using mBlock.
  • Understand basic programming concepts like if conditions, loops, variables, lists, logic and mathematical functions.
  • What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the difference between AI and Programming.
  • What is the Microsoft cognitive services?
  • Write code that can detect Faces, images, objects and more.
  • Convert text to speech and vice versa.
  • Identify motions and build simple games based on motion detection.
  • Design avatar that can answer your questions like Siri.

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