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“Geology is the subject that brings a student down to earth “…by Evan Esar If you like adventures and eager to learn and try new things then welcome on board… This course is made for young geological engineers who are excited to learn how everything around us took place and have a lot of questions in their mind about the environment. In this course our adventure starts from the center of the Earth and up toward the sky. You will learn all about some of the natural phenomena that happen on Earth, discover more about environment and find out many surprising things about the Earth. You will also think, try experiments, conclude results and build models yourself from scratch.

Course Objectives

  • Prospect the reasons for some natural phenomena and how it begin
  • Perceive the concepts behind the origin of scientific terms like Volcano, rain, fossils
  • learn how to think in an organized way
  • Assemble the tools needed for the applications of the topics considered.

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