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Potential and kinetic, energy is what makes the world go ‘round – literally. But just what is energy? children curious about what makes cars run and radios work will get the full run-down in Energy. Defined as the ability to “get work done,” energy, for children, is investigated in all its forms: from water, coal, oil, and gas to wind and fire. In this course we will have the chance to explore the science of energy, its different forms in nature and the spectacular behavior of changing from one form to another to meet the law of conservation. We will also learn about the different formulas used to calculate and measure energy as well as exploring the too many applications of energy in our life.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding the systematic behavior of energy.
  • Exploring the different forms of energy
  • Implementing a concrete understanding of energy conversion through practical examples from life.
  • Deducing the formulas measuring energy.
  • Assembling a practical model for each session related to it’s topic.

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