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Have you ever thought about what programmers do? Facebook, Google, YouTube and all games you like to play are all pieces of code. The code is the soul that makes your hardware (computer or mobile phone) valuable. Starting from the middle of the 20th-century programming has been developed a lot and it’s now literally controlling our lives. In this course, we will start discovering the amazing world of programming even if we don’t have any previous experience in programming before. Although this course is entry-level, it’s also valuable for those who have previous experience. In this journey, we will use a simple way of programming that is called “Block Programming ” which is very easy to think like programmers, act like programmers and get rid of the complexity of syntax. We will use Scratch V3.0 which is a well-designed framework for programmers in the early stage. Getting started with programming and knowing the basic fundamentals to make 2D games
We will learn Variables, If conditions, motions, sound effects, loops…and much more.

Course Objectives:

  • Discover what programming is?
  • Know the importance of programming
  • How programming is an essential tool for everyone nowadays
  • Learn how to create short stories using Scratch.
  • Learn how to move objects and create sound effects.
  • Learn the important keywords and terminologies programmers use
  • Learn how variables work?
  • Create some amazing games and set our scoring criteria and rules 


  • Script
  • Block
  • Backpack 
  • If condition
  • Variable
  • Sprite
  • Motion
  • Scoring

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