Marine Engineering

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“Are you ready kids? Aye, Aye Captain.” Have you ever been on a ship, boat, or submarine? The Earth’s oceans are huge and full of adventures, and these adventures need the use of many different tools to explore. Marine engineers are the people that design develop and test these tools.

This course is made for young marine engineers who have an adventurous spirit and a love for water. This course will feed their curiosity of all things marine based. They will learn how boats, ships and submarines are built and designed. They will be introduced to the basic concepts behind buoyancy and what it takes to make things float. Put on your SCUBA gear and let’s dive in!

Course Objectives

  • Learn about the inspiration behind sea vehicles.
  • Understand the concepts behind scientific terms like buoyancy, displacement, and flotation
  • Derive the mechanism of some simple tools using scientific thinking
  • Assemble the tools needed for the experiments discussed in the lessons

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