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Mechanics is the science of motion. Everything around us is subject to mechanics. Understanding this powerful science will create a strong scientific base for understanding everything that moves around us.

“Mechanical Toys” is a course designed for kids interested in learning about the basic principles of mechanical engineering. The course will cover topics such as forces, inertia, and momentum and how they apply to the design and operation of mechanical toys. Students will gain hands-on experience building and experimenting with a variety of mechanical toys and projects while learning key concepts and problem-solving skills. The course will be suitable for children of all skill levels and will provide a fun and interactive introduction to the exciting world of mechanical engineering.

Course Objectives

  • Learn what initiated the invention of some science-based devices
  • Get to know the concepts behind scientific terms such as force, inertia, and momentum
  • Derive the mechanism of some simple tools
  • Assemble the tools needed for the experiments discussed in the lessons

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