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Course description:

Do you love mobile app programming? This course is intermediate-level android app development using the concepts you have gained in the previous course. We will learn how to make voice recorder applications and save recordings using tiny databases and playback saved sound files. Will discover the canva element and how to do amazing apps based on canvas. You can simply add photos from the gallery or take new photos from your camera and make drawings, edits, coloring and highlighting. More and more games will be developed in this course Spinner, Pong game and kill the bird. By the end of this course you will be able to turn many ideas that come to your mind into a real mobile app with simple block programming techniques which focus more on logic thinking without stucking in the complexity of syntax writing. 

Course Objectives:

  • Be able to use tiny database
  • Discover canva element
  • Use canvas in many applications
  • Use mobile MIC, Accelerometer and other sensors
  • Be able to build an app for photo editing
  • Make animated elements


  • Tiny database
  • Canvas
  • Sensors
  • Accelerometer
  • Digital doodle
  • Procedure

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