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Robotics is an amazing world and it expands every day. Both young and old people love robotics and are curious to learn how to make their robots. In this course, we will learn everything about robotics. It will be your gate to discover a very interesting world full of amazing projects that use technology. We will learn how to design, build and control our robots focusing on both sides of the robotics world, software and hardware. After we build our own robot, we will learn how to write code to control the robot to do some missions. Robots need some sensors to help them discover the surrounding environment and make some processing and make decisions. In this level we will learn how robots can read colors using color sensors and we will also learn everything about motion. So, you will be able to write code to move the robot in any direction at a certain speed. Using the reading of the color sensor the robot can distinguish between black and white colors and follow a line of black color on a white background without prior information about how the line will look like. To be able to use color sensors in an effective way we will learn an important concept in instrumentation which is calibration. We will do calibration to our sensors so we can get an accurate reading. 

Course Objectives:

  • Discover the different types of robots
  • Discover fields that use robots
  • Learn how to build our robot
  • Learn how to move robot
  • Learn how to change robot speed and direction
  • Learn how to use color sensors
  • Understand the concept of calibration
  • write a line follower code for our robot.


  • Autonomous robots
  • Manual robots
  • H bridge
  • DC motors
  • Color sensor
  • Calibration
  • Line follower

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