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After you have been familiar with robotics and did some simple missions like line follower, in this level we will go more deeply into the robotics world. Discovering more sensors and devices, we will learn how ultrasonic sensors work and how to get readings from them. Ultrasonic sensors are considered the robot’s eyes. It manages the robot to see objects in the surrounding environment. It can measure the distance of the obstacles by sending ultrasonic waves and measure the time until it reflects back to the robot the same way bats can fly in a complete dark, they use the same way. We will also learn how to use servo motors in robots and make an amazing addon to the previous mission we did in level 1. We will be able to make line follower with obstacle avoidance. We will learn how to add LCD to our robot that is very useful in some specific missions. We will learn to use some new sensors. 

Course Objectives:

  • Learn how ultrasonic sensors work
  • Learn how to use ultrasonic sensor to measure distance
  • Learn how to make obstacle avoidance code using both ultrasonic and color sensors
  • Discover the servo motor 
  • Learn how to control servo motor from your robot
  • Learn how to use LCD in robot
  • Discover new sensors 


  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Servo motor
  • LCD
  • Sensors


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