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Race cars and trains don’t build themselves. They need dreamers. Problem solvers and Thinkers , In other words, engineers! we want to help your child discover the amazing world of engineering especially the discovery and invention of transportation methods and their upbringing. By land, by air, or by water! Talking about transportation is important for children’s development and their general knowledge. Learn about transportation, who invented them, how they move, the mechanics behind them. In Engineering, your child will take on fun, hands-on challenges, such as building simple cars or designing their own boats. Every session has a creative theme to inspire the kids as they experiment with important STEM concepts. Dealing with everything that moves or flows—like bikes, planes and hovercrafts! Mechanical engineers use their knowledge of materials to design and manufacture products and systems that advance the world around us. Students will be able to design their own way of transportations.

Course Objectives

  • Help learners to identify different kinds of transportations and the purpose of each type
  • Learn about the history of transportation.
  • Understand more about how some machines work and the concept behind them
  • Assemble the tools needed for the applications of the topics considered.

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