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Kids are inventors! They love exploring, experimenting, and creating different things and this is the best age you can invest in their awareness and knowledge.


“Young Inventor” is a course designed for kids that aims to introduce them to the world of inventions and inventors. The course likely covers a variety of topics related to the history of inventions and how they have impacted society, as well as the creative process of inventing and problem-solving. The course may also include hands-on activities and projects to help students develop their own inventive thinking and ideas. The goal of the course is to inspire children to think creatively and to be innovative and to expose them to real-world examples of inventions and inventors.

Course Objectives

  • Prospect the initiation of some science-based devices
  • Perceive the concepts behind the origin of scientific terms like : Sound , Energy and Force
  • Derive the mechanism of some simple tools 4- Assemble the tools needed for the applications of the topics considered.

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